Automotive Distribution Network is one of the largest and most diverse program distribution groups in North America. Automotive Distribution Network is the umbrella organization for three of the premier groups in the auto care industry: Parts Plus, Auto Pride and Independent Auto Parts of America. Our combined strength and stability collectively consist of more than 900 Warehouse Distributor locations that service more than 1,500 affiliated auto stores and 2,000 service centers throughout North America.

Automotive Distribution Network was incorporated in January of 2005, when two already successful program groups, Parts Plus (AAAD) and IAPA (Independent Auto Parts of America) merged. In 2009, Automotive Distribution Network added CMB Network and in early 2010, the Auto Pride Network was included. Also, under the umbrella of Automotive Distribution Network, is Network Products Warehouse, LLC, the member-owned warehouse distribution facility based in Somerville, Tennessee. In 2014, Automotive Distribution Network merged CMB into Auto Pride.

Automotive Distribution Network Headquarters, located in Germantown, Tennessee, provides an avenue of consolidation to any level in the distribution channel, recognizing that the automotive aftermarket is continually changing. Just as there shouldn't be a "one-size-fits-all" approach to any division, Automotive Distribution Network doesn't limit a member to staying in one division. There is a method and a pathway to growth that each member can utilize that is specific to their needs and requirements. No longer will a member, who has outgrown a group, need to look elsewhere. The various brands in Automotive Distribution Network have different requirements for their marketplace, which is why the professional staff is constantly updating the menu of offerings for all divisions.

Each individual member decides what programs and elements they want to use-product strategies, information and technology, marketing and training, and national accounts.

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Automotive Distribution Network Headquarters - Germantown, TN

Automotive Distribution Network Headquarters - Germantown, TN