Improved Purchasing

Parts Plus negotiates purchase programs with suppliers based on our total volume enabling you to obtain improved pricing and program elements as a group rather than as an individual distributor. Not just parts, Parts Plus!

  • Improved acquisition price
  • Managed Inventory
  • Increased order frequency
  • Increased allowable returns
  • Extended payment terms
  • Monthly rebate checks
  • Full access to 200+ participating suppliers
  • Volume discounts
  • Lower freight rates
  • Negotiated payment terms
  • Network Intelligence® - Business intelligence & demand forecasting system
  • Network PartShare® - Product Information management system
  • Network Connect® - Electronic order processing
  • Stratus® - Operational tools (POS, distribution and warehouse management, accounts payable, etc.)
  • Network PartExpert®/ LaserCat 3® - Replacement parts cataloging
  • Elite EXTRA™ - Delivery tracking
  • webFETCH - Competitive price shop tool
  • Product Rebates

Direct Access to Industry Leading Suppliers

Have you ever struggled to gain access to a specific line? Vendors want to partner with Parts Plus Members because they know we provide the tools and programs that drive the volume.

  • Access to hard-to-buy brands
  • Unique OE vendor partnerships
  • Managed program agreements
  • Specialty/niche suppliers

National Account/Fleet Opportunities

Large customers with national and regional footprints often will only look to suppliers with a similar footprint. By using our vast network of member locations, we can provide that national coverage they are looking for with local expertise.

  • Leverage & national footprint
  • National coverage/ local expertise
  • National eCommerce distribution
  • Factored receivables
  • Access to national account customers
  • Central billing services
  • Online B2C platform
  • Centralized rebate reporting

Retain and Increase Customers

Increase your customer's lifetime value and, in turn, your revenue. Parts Plus helps achieve this through our customer loyalty programs.

  • Cost effective to retain customers than acquire them
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Discounted national rates
  • Access to national accounts
  • Become your customers' primary supplier
  • Increase share of customer spend
  • Ease of ordering
  • Access to Tools & Equipment catalog
  • Customer access to service solutions
  • More products in stock
  • Repair America - Customer loyalty trips
  • Monthly product promotions
  • Earn-back/customer expo trips
  • Network WebShop® - Electronic ordering catalog
  • eCommerce fulfillment solutions
  • Parts Plus Car Care Center program

Access to Network Product Warehouse

The Network Products Warehouse allows Parts Plus members the ability to purchase multiple product lines from a single source. This allows you to experience better inventory turns and utilization in your business while taking advantage of "bulk" buys and specials.

  • Single source for 100+ suppliers
  • Low freight minimums
  • Lower order quantity for higher quantity pricing
  • Drop-shipping available
  • Access to hard-to-source parts
  • Flexible ordering - fax, phone, electronic
  • Stock adjustment privileges
  • Member-owned warehouse

Individualized Support and Training

At Parts Plus, we don't send a book, we send a body. Parts Plus staff is available to come to your locations and work with your staff to take full advantage of all the various programs available to you.

  • Single point of contact
  • Personal training in all areas of business
  • In-person training for Network programs
  • Account representative
  • Business development managers
  • Learning management system
    • Counterman & sales rep training
    • Service advisor/ business owner/ technician training

Monthly Rebate Checks

Product rebates are key to profitability. At Parts Plus, we recognize your need to retrieve funds as quickly as possible. Our goal is to issue rebates within the same month payment is received from our suppliers.

  • Off-sets cost
  • Processed in-house
  • Mailed monthly

Program Brochure

Download The Network brochure. Learn how Parts Plus members stay competitive in the automotive market while maintaining their independence. Parts Plus helps members buy better with competitive pricing, achieve better payment terms, improve customer retention through product availability, gives access to more suppliers, and so much more.
The Network Brochure

A-Z A La Carte Suite of Business Tools

At Parts Plus, one size does not fit all. We provide a menu of services and programs that allow you to still run your business and take advantage of the things that fit your model!

  • Capitalize on individual strengths
  • Free use of personal branding
  • Customized service plan
  • Choose the tools that support your business model
  • Flexible vendor selection
  • Product - Network PartShare®, Network Intelligence®, Network Connect®
  • Marketing - Banner shop programs, local promotions, national promotions
  • IT - Stratus®, Network WebShop®, Elite EXTRA™
  • Sales - Central Billing Services
  • Manage national relationship at HQ level

Parts Plus Car Care Center (CCC)

The Parts Plus Car Care Center marketing service dealer program provides a worry-free guarantee that includes a warranty on specific parts & labor, roadside assistance and road hazard protection so the shop customer doesn't need to worry about breaking down. When a service dealer is part of the CCC program, they receive signage, discounts, rebate and sweepstakes promotions. Parts Plus members support the Car Care Center program by enrolling their top shop customers which builds customer loyalty and confidence.
Car Care Center Program

Parts Plus Member Services